Meta-Catalogue accessing 8 million media – including 1 million articles – from
theological and religious special libraries of churches in the german speaking area
Arbeitsgemeinschaft katholisch-theologischer Bibliotheken
Verband kirchlich-wissenschaftlicher Bibliotheken

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Service, Resources

(1)  Press Reviews
(2)  Interlibrary Loan
(3)  Logos for links to the VThK
(4)  Logos for participating libraries in the VThK


(1) Press Reviews

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(2) Interlibrary Loan

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(3) Logos for links to the VThK

We are glad to have you link your website to the VThK.

vthk.gif (179 x 56 pixel) VThK
vthk_klein_48.gif (48 x 15 pixel) VThK
vthk_klein_45.gif (45 x 14 pixel) VThK
vthk_klein_42.gif (42 x 13 pixel) VThK
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vthk_weiss_45.gif (45 x 15 pixel) VThK
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(4) Logos for participating libraries in the VThK

You can choose one of the two variations to publicize your library's participation in the VThK.
Please link the logo to the URL of the VThK: http://www.vthk.de

vthk_teil_140.gif (140 x 72 pixel) VThK-Teilnehmer
vthk_teil_120.gif (120 x 62 pixel) VThK-Teilnehmer
vthk_teil_100.gif (100 x 52 pixel) VThK-Teilnehmer
vthk_teil_80.gif (80 x 42 pixel) VThK-Teilnehmer
vthk_wir_140.gif (140 x 67 pixel) VThK-Teilnehmer
vthk_wir_120.gif (120 x 57 pixel) VThK-Teilnehmer
vthk_wir_100.gif (100 x 48 pixel) VThK-Teilnehmer
vthk_wir_80.gif (80 x 38 pixel) VThK-Teilnehmer

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Last updated: 15.03.2017